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Some photographs of the band in the past

Courtesy of Leo Shanahan, a former chairman and long serving band member of the band


We do not know where some of these photographs were taken nor the date. 

If you are able to help - or even provide more photographs - we will be very grateful.

Can you identify anyone?


The above were taken of the boys band but we know not when or where.






The above three photographs were taken on Corpus Christi - the last in 1967 (see the history page)


The magnificent photograph of St Alban's Military Band above was taken in September 1979 near Cardiff Castle.  It has a legend that lists the band members and is set out below:

Back row: M.Kelly, S.Williams, S.Burton, T.Kelly, A.Bibey, H.Bodenham, A.Williams, P.Williams, A.Borg, E.Davidson, D.Thomas, A.Batchelor, P.Heron

3rd row:  P.Edwards, D.Summers, D.Mahoney, B.Shanahan, J.Williams, J.Donovan, A.Gallagher, H.Batchelor, A.Regan, A.Hill, J.Foley, J.Williams, D.Summers

2nd row:  W.Cogan, A.Ryan, W.Matthews, A.Burton, W.Woods, W.Kelleher, C.Dawe, J.Bodenham, O.Clements, M.Davies, G.Mabbit, H.Forte, B. Sullivan, F. Quick,

Front row:  L.Shanahan, R.Owen, G.Owens, T.Summers, P.Holmes, B.Humphreys, J.Williams, G.Radsma, M.Donovan, J.Cox, J.Borg, T.Harrington, R.Jones,

Seated on the ground in front:  J.Ford, M.Linskey, M.Botto, P.Neate

The Conductor was  J.Williams

A quartet in what appears to be Thompsons Park, Cardiff.  Leo Shanahan is second from the right.


This was taekn in Cardiff City Hall when the band was setting up.




The band in the sunshine in Cardiff Bay - date unknown